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SLA/DLP Printing Resin

Multiple Colors Available

Our SLA and DLP resins provide excellent accuracy
and durability. They offer a set of physical properties consisting of a unique combination of low viscosity, high elongation, and impact resistance. It’s properties allow for the building of durable parts and ultra-clear printed materials with polycarbonate–like performance, meeting the rigorous requirements of the ISO-10993 Biocompatibility and USP Class VI testing.

• Produces clear, non-yellowing components with exceptional clarity
• Mimics the look and feel of clear thermoplastics
• Faster curing with post-printing UV curing
• ISO 10993 Biocompatibility Certified
• USP Class VI Tested
• No extensive cleaning process

Part No. Product Size
00910 SH-1-BK Black Resin 1 KG
00915 SH-1-BK Black Resin 500 gram
00917 SH-1-BK Black Resin 10 KG
00920 SH-1-BL Blue Resin 1KG
00925 SH-1-BL Blue Resin 500 gram
00927 SH-1-BL Blue Resin 10 KG
00930 SH-1-RD Red Resin 1 KG
00935 SH-1-RD Red Resin 500 gram
00937 SH-1-RD Red Resin 10 KG
00950 SH-SLA1 Clear Resin 1 KG
00955 SH-SLA1 Clear Resin 500gram
00960 SH-DLP-CL Clear Resin 1 KG
00965 SH-DLP-CL Clear Resin 500 gram

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