From Scott R. —

I rarely write companies to express my appreciation of one of their products, but my extreme satisfaction in this product wills me to do so. Every job or project I have used your product on remains solidly welded, which is it’s purpose, specifically on plastics. Other generic “super” glues never seemed to work well on various plastics, but your product seems to hold true on every type of homeowner plastic I have tried it on. Much more important to me, is that after weeks and even months, when I re-open the tube, it flows easily every damn time. Other tube type adhesives I’ve tried are usually a one use only application and the dispensing tube is clogged forever and/or the product dries up immediately thereafter. I don’t understand the engineering behind your design, but it works! It makes no sense to me how the yellow cap plunger/button isn’t welded to the tube since they are plastic as well, but an easy twist unscrews the cap and the plunger slides out of the tube allowing the adhesive to flow easily every time. Please do not ever change this design or product in the future. You have it right. This type of quality is what made America unbeatable in the generations of the ’40’s and ’50’s. The quality that seems to be evermore dwindling as manufacturers design failure into their products in order to maximize resale. Thank you from my heart. I promise to be a returning consumer.

“I don’t understand the engineering behind your design, but it works!”